Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stick a fork in it

...the revised CRUSH DU JOUR manuscript is done, done, done. For now, at least. I think we have one more round of edits to go.

The changes were pretty substantial re: set up and characterization; I sort of wished they weren't valid (especially at 3am when my brain started to dribble out of my ears), so that I could blow my editor off and just go to sleep. But my editor, she is a wise one, and so ignoring her was out of the question.

She's also the one who pays me, so....

I slept ALL morning (sometimes it's especially great to be self-employed). It's gray and rainy and completely miserable in NYC, but I still feel celebratory. Tonight I'm reading at the Teen Author Night over at the Tompkin's Square NYPL. Not sure about the attendance given the weather, and people off spending Passover with their families. But what can you do? Still I forbear.

My favorite news of all, however, is that now I get to turn my attentions to my next Vermont College packet. Which involves snuggling up in bed and reading YA for the next few days. This is school? This is learning? I am too, too lucky.


Jennifer Echols said...

Mmmmm, this book looks so delicious! I can't wait!!!

Kelly McClymer said...

Congrats! It always feels so great to nail the revisions, doesn't it?

I'm going to read Scott Westerfield's UGLIES series as soon as I finish my latest draft (I have it sitting up on my desk as incentive -- research in the field, you know :-)