Monday, May 12, 2008


On Saturday, May 10th, 16 authors and illustrators gathered at the Orem, Utah Barnes & Noble for a huge children's and teen's author/illustrator event. Since most of my author friends live out East, it was really cool to mingle with authors who live right here in Utah. And what a talented group! Pictured here, back row left to right, is Rick Walton, Guy Francis, Brandon Sanderson and James Dashner. Front row: Mette Ivie Harrison, Julie Orton, Sherry Meidell, Jessica Day George, Wendy Toliver (me!), Kristyn Crow, and Will Terry.

We ate lunch at Mimi's and then walked into the store. Tables were scattered throughout the store, and there were people already lined up with their purchases, waiting to get their favorite author or illustrator's autographs. Fantasy authors Brandon Mull (Fablehaven, pictured in snazzy striped shirt), Jessica Day George (Dragon Slippers), James Dashner (13th Reality Series and Jimmy Fincher Saga, pictured giving thumbs up), and Brandon Sanderson (Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, Mistborn ..., pictured on far right) had 'em lined up around the store and out the door. I wondered if they were getting writer's cramp after the first hour of constant signing. And I wondered if they thought it was weird when I said, "Hey, Fantasy Guys!" to get their attention for this picture. Hmm.

The picture book authors and illustrators had people of all ages standing in the aisles, flipping through their books and laughing or sighing out loud. Sara Zarr (Story of a Girl and Sweethearts, pictured here in the chic specs) and I hung out in the back, chatting, gulping water, and making eyes at any teens who happened to come by. This was a fabulous experience, and I hope we get to do another Authorpalooza sometime!


Lisa McMann said...

Sounds like you guys rocked Utah! Isn't Sara Zarr hilarious in a sort of way? I love her to death.


Little Willow said...

Sounds like fun!