Monday, May 05, 2008

Motivate Me

I am pooped. Wiped. Exhausted from writing. In fact, I have about four seconds to write this blog post and then I better get back to it. "It" is the book I'm working on finishing up right now - Juicy Gossip, which is a novel for slightly younger folk that will be published by Scholastic in 2009. I have one chapter left, and am simply pooped. I can't wrap it up! It's been a marathon writing session every weekend before real life sets in again in the form of a desk job on Monday morning, and I am having the hardest time just finishing already.

As soon as I finish up Juicy Gossip, I'm moving my next Romantic Comedy! (which is still untitled). It will also be coming out in 2009, which means I need to get a move on. I have written an outline and no more. So I'm begging you...please motivate me to finish one book and get cracking on the next. Who has motivational tips?

PS: Don't tell me that milkshakes help, because I already know that - too well.



Anonymous said...

Loud music..just to get your heart pumping.

Little Willow said...

Ooh, is the book in the Candy Apple line?