Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love is in the air...

Crazy stuff dude! Authors are making YouTube videos to promote their Ro Coms! The first one I watched, I have to admit, I was not particularly impressed, did bite me and now my co-author and I are thinking of ways to make our acting debut. Not so sure if this is a good idea, I wonder just how many people are interested in seeing live-action mini-movies of their fav. authors and their books. Maybe we should shoot for animation instead. It certainly is an interesting way to get peoples' attention.

In the meantime, before we arrive on the big, well, ok, little screen, we're working on some new books. Of course. Did you think otherwise? Our heads are always spinning with ideas for something new, something different, something borrowed, something blue - hey wait a minute, where did that wedding stuff come from? Maybe I've got love and romance on the brain. It certainly is fun to spin off thinking up someone else's love life and situations and friends.

My co-author and I are looking forward to visiting with other authors, publishers, editors, and our dear readers at BEA (Book Expo America) which is the end of May/ beginning of June in Los Angeles. Hey, isn't Hollywood close by...maybe we WILL be making our acting debut!!

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See ya riding the electron waves...

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Little Willow said...

I read IN THE STARS just today, then came by this blog to catch up on recent posts - What are the odds? :)