Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Unofficial Start of Summer

I always get a little antsy this time of year.  It seems like we're on the verge of something wonderful, and just struggling through the next few weeks so we can get there.  It stems from back when we were in school--by this point in the year, we were all itching to be able to qote Alice Cooper's classic song: School's Out For Summer.  But  I don't think you ever outgrow that desire for summer to start, even if you're work life doesn't change all that much when it does.  

When you're a kid, summer is a magical time--no school, no responsibilities, just fun all day long and late into the daylight savings time night.  For adults, it's not quite the same, because deadlines still loom, and bills still have to be paid.  Yet, there's something wonderful about the sun being out til 8 or 9, and the weather being warm no matter what your age or situation.  And here in New York, summer is really special, because the streets empty out as people stream toward the Hamptons.  You can always get a reservation at the restaurant you want, and there are no lines at the movies.  Best of all, there are those concerts in the park, and the free Shakespeare performances as well.

I'll be writing plenty this summer--with three series there's always something to be done--and I I have my new rocom PUPPY LOVE, which I really adore, coming out in August.  But you can bet I'll be playing plenty too.   It's summer after all!

On a more serious note, this memorial day I hope we'll all take a minute to think about the fallen soldiers and their families., and thank them for their sacrifice.  In their honor, let's bring our troops safely home now!

to quote one of my personal heroes, John Lennon,




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