Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caroline Here! (okay, John)

Sorry to all that I haven't posted much here. Been dealing with some very serious health crises last few months: our beloved niece, Katie, is dying of melanoma at the age of 28. She got engaged a few months ago, and we thought she might live long enough to marry -- but it's a matter of days now. My 85-year-old mom fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck, but she is slowly recovering. She may even go home this week after months in hospitals and convalescence. Of course, they live in other states.

On happier news, both my kids are in college now! Sarah is a senior at Arizona State and Eric is a freshmen at University of Arizona. They are such great kids, although the impending death of their cousin has been rough on them, too. Ah, I can't seem to get away from that for the moment.

I've always felt funny in this blog, because A) I'm male, and B) CUPIDITY was the last book I wrote in this genre or for Simon and Schuster (although I have written 50 books for S&S under my real name, John Vornholt). I like being Caroline Goode, and I actually tried for decades, on and off, to to sell a romance novel. I'm thrilled that I succeeded at least once! Romance is still proving difficult work for a male. Why aren't there YA romance novels for boys? I should invent that genre.

I promise to post more often, with good news next time. I haven't mentioned our great cruise of the Mediterranean, where we saw our daughter in Florence. I have theater stuff to talk about, and we should know in a few months about CUPIDITY the movie. If anybody wants to come to Tucson in late September, I'm on the faculty of a great writers' conference that draws lots of editors and agents, as well as writers:

Wrangling with Writing, given by the Society of Southwestern Writers (SSA)
September 27-28
Holiday Inn, Palo Verde
4550 S. Palo Verde Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85715

Best to all,

John (okay, Caroline)


Wendy Toliver said...

Oh no, John/Caroline. I'm sorry about the health issues in your family. But that's great about your upcoming conf. and your kiddos being in college (man, that must make you feel OLD!) LOL
Can't wait to hear more about the Cupidity movie.

Caroline Goode said...

Thanks, Wendy. Actually our kids being out of the house makes my wife and I feel kinda young, like it was 25 years ago before the kids. "Just you and me again, kid."

By the way, I noticed a typo in my post: it's Society of Southwestern Authors, not Writers. Hence, the SSA acronym.


Kelly McClymer said...

I remember writing through a few family illnesses and deaths, so my sympathies are with you.

As the mom of two sons, I think a line of romances for boys is an interesting idea. But you'd have to have skateboards. And video games. And bands :-)