Saturday, August 23, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

I just got back from a whirlwind vacation. . .and not the kind Katie Kazoo went on a few years ago, just in case you were wondering.  This vacation was a relaxing trip up to Canada for a few days with the entire Krulik clan.  (That's my family, my brother's family and my parents!  Table for 10 please!) 

Family reunions are always a gamble.  Will cousins, siblings, children and spouses all get along?  Will you want to pull each other's hair out at some point?  Well, just in case you were wondering, we all got along marvelously.   I've found the secret to family harmony when on vacation.  FOOD!

No one feeds you more than a cruise ship.  Endless buffets, 24 hour pizza stands and ice cream machines keep everyone smiling.  (Any wonder the average weigh gain on a cruise is 2 pounds PER DAY?)   And the water slides don't hurt either.

Canada is gorgeous this time of year.  And yes, even their bookstores were not safe from the Krulik family.  Children's bookshop employees throughout St. John and Halifax will be surprised to see copies of Puppy Love, Ripped at the Seams, and She's Got the Beat, as well as several Katie Kazoo Switcheroo and How I Survived Middle School books turned face out.  Now here in New York, that's a regular occurrence, what with all the writers roaming our avenues.  But up there I'm sure they're wondering what gremlins snuck into the kid lit departments to rearrange things.

Summer is drawing to a close quickly, folks.  Please remember to savor every moment left of this magical season.



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Kelly McClymer said...

Nancy, you have reassured me. My clan is talking about doing the family reunion on a cruise ship next year and I was wary. You sold me. Thanks!