Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ro-Commas

Just because we don't write mysteries doesn't mean that we're not mysterious. After all, if you read below it turns out that Caroline is really John. (And, I have it on good authority, that a few more of the Ro Com Authors are actually dudes but I'm not here to give away secrets.) This blog (thank you Ms. Echols) serves two interesting functions. For one, it is a chance for readers to get some insight into the romantic comedy books. We love our readers and we certainly love reaching out to you in every way.

But, this blog is also a chance for us on the writing side to get to know each other. In that way, we are not unlike the readers. Unfortunately, we don't have some sort of Dorothy Parker life where we sit around a table and tell each other smashing stories about our dashing lives. I only know Micol Ostow from her books and an occassional visit to her Facebook page. The same goes for Wendy, Erin, Nancy, Jenn, Nikki, etc... It can be such a lonely profession in some ways, it's just really nice to have a face or a fact or something that connects you to someone else sitting up late at night typing away.

It is great that we are all connected by our role in the Ro-Com books. It's a reason to friend someone online or to send an email congratulating someone on a new release. But, I suspect we have much more in common than that. In my other life I write television shows which is fun because you get to work in a group. (It also tends to pay better, but I digress) Late one night some friends and I (who worked on a great Nickelodeon show called the Mystery Files of Shleby Woo) were up late talking. As we recounted certain middle school crises it became apparent that we all had basically the same experience. We were all shy, more than a little awkward and worried that we would never figure out the things that everyone else seemed to know. Then, by stroke of luck, we each happened to say something funny that made our classmates laugh. That's when it dawned on us that maybe you didn't have to be beautiful or popular or super smart to get by. Maybe you were worthwhile if you just had something to say. For all I know, the other writers in this series were both brilliant and beautiful. (They certainly have attractive pictures.) Maybe they were always popular and in. But, I bet some were in the same boat. Well, maybe not Jenn, after all she was a drum major. But, you know, maybe some of the others.


Jennifer Echols said...

LOL! I was not popular and definitely not beautiful. I just went out and did stuff because I was interested in it. That's the same thing as speaking up and having something interesting to say. It's also similar to starting a blog when you are not the biggest computer guru around, just because you think it would be a good idea. If there's a theme that runs through all YA novels, it's the feeling of not being good enough and not fitting in, no matter who you are or what your situation is. It can really lower your anxiety level to realize that everybody else feels that way too.

P.J. Ruditis said...

There are Ro Com authors that are dudes? Ha! I don't believe it.

Micol Ostow said...

Well said--I am so grateful to be a writer NOW, in the information age, because I actually feel so connected to a community of authors (most of whom I've never met in person)!

Kelly McClymer said...

Too funny! And true.

Next thing you hear, there will be YA authors who are...gasp...young adults!