Sunday, August 17, 2008

(Cyber) Party time!

With two books due within the next two months, this tried-and-true city writer has made her way to the middle of nowhere. I'm bunkered down at a farmhouse in upstate NY, with nothing to interfere with my tappity-tapping other than the babbling brook (well, pond, really) outside my window.
If it sounds like heaven, just remind yourself that being under deadline kinda puts the sting right back into things. :)
Even still, I love it here. Who knew communing with nature would be my thing? I woke this week to find a groundhog on our front porch. A groundhog! He was way too busy giving me the hairy eyeball to see his shadow, but this suburban girl was enthralled. Only slightly less so than when N discovered a toad on the very same porch last night...and the two of us together discovered that Miss Jones is, apparently, less of a fan of toads than we are (what? She never read Arnold Lobel?)

But the real excitement comes from all of the pre-planning we've been doing for the POPULAR VOTE release in September! Just last night N and I designed a promotional bookmark, which is going to look just like the funky picture you see above, with the pub info on the back. Cute, right?

Well, believe it or not, one can be yours, if you drop by my livejournal blog ( during the week of Sept 8-13th for the very officially official POPULAR VOTE CYBER-LAUNCH PARTY! All week long, I'll be running q&a's with some of your favorite children's and YA authors, including Ro Com faves PJ Ruditis and Nancy Krulik, and more!

We'll have giveaways every day at random: 1 copy and 1 bookmark of POPULAR VOTE, plus a special prize from the visiting author of the day. They'll be answering fun questions about their own (mis)adventures in popularity, student government, and letting you know which causes rock *their* vote.

I think Erin Bright would approve.

Stay tuned for a final author line-up and schedule, and if you're an author who'd like to be involved, just shoot me an email (or comment here and I'll get in touch with you).

I'm looking forward to it!
Vote for Erin! Vote for POPULAR VOTE!


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Sounds like a blast - 'll be there, Micol!!!

Wendy Toliver said...

Sounds fun! Love the bookmark. ;)